Lab Members




Principal Investigator

Dr. R. Bryan Sutton This whole lab page is about my research, so instead of explaining some more here’s a new’s story about me.
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Anthony A. Bui My research is on elucidating key biophysical properties of the Synaptotagmin I C2 Domains at the AD3 Locus.
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PhD Student

Isaac L. Scott M.S. My research is on the characterization, expression, and structure of oxidioreductase Pyrox-D1.

Masters Student
Jon McCord My research is focused on the expression, purification, and structure of Dnase1L3 and related disease causing mutations.


Former Members


Faraz BPS18 Edited


PhD (May 2019)

Faraz M. Harsini Ph.D., M.S. My dissertation focused on Dysferlin, Myoferlin, and Otoferlin C2 and FerA Domains as they relate to muscular dystrophy and other myopathies. I am currently employed at XBiotech in Austin, TX.


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