Jon McCord


My name is Jon McCord I also go by Joey.
I’ve been involved with the Sutton Lab since May 2017. My research has principally been focused on expression and characterization of the endonuclease Dnase1L3. Under the guidance of Dr. Sutton I’ve been able to develop an efficient and systematized enzymatic expression protocol. This has allowed further research into the specific biochemical properties of this key physiological enzyme. I am incredibly fortunate to do research in such an amazing biotech/biophysics lab. All of my progress is built on the support I have enjoyed from Dr. Sutton, Dr. Keyel and the Dept of Biology and Dept. of Cell Physiology and Molecular Biophysics and, all of my lab mates.

My hobbies include hiking, reading philosophy and, being a radical.

I am currently a student in the MEV program in Environmental Engineering at Texas Tech University. I am involved in several extracurricular groups. I look forward to using the experience and skills gained in the Sutton lab towards the developing field of environmental bio-engineering and enzymology.

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